Friday, September 29, 2017

Helping Adrian's Mom with Heart Surgery
You were probably expecting another post from me about my new book, right? Not this time.

I'm writing on behalf of my husband Adrian and his mother, to ask for your help. I've set up a fundraising page for Adrian's mom's triple bypass open heart surgery and healthcare:

Adrian’s mother, who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was hospitalized last week from an acute heart attack that was misdiagnosed as a bronchial spasm. She was sent home that day. The next morning, after the symptoms persisted, she was taken to a different clinic and, after further tests, her heart attack was correctly diagnosed. The initial hope was for a simple stent surgery, but the damage in the arteries is too severe, and the team of doctors have suggested a heart bypass.

In pre-surgical exams doctors discovered more blockages than expected, as well as some obstructions in her carotid arteries. The plan is now for a triple bypass procedure on Monday morning.

Our family is suffering a very difficult journey because the insurance company covering Adrian's mother dropped her coverage on Saturday Sept 23 when — without any consent from doctors or family — they sent an ambulance to attempt to transport her to another clinic of lesser quality. In addition to being unauthorized, the ambulance they sent wasn't properly equipped to handle an ICU patient. On top of taking care of the fragile situation of his mother, Adrian (as her legal custodian) has had to hire a lawyer and open a public complaint against the health insurance company. Every day brings a new twist in the legal battle.

Adrian and his father have already paid out-of-pocket approximately $25,000 for his mom’s care in the ICU. To recoup those costs and be able to have the triple bypass surgery at this clinic they are hoping to raise among family members and friends another $25,000 on top of that. This will defray costs of the basic surgery which, God willing, will go without any complications, and some follow-up care.

One week ago yesterday, Adrian got on the first flight available to Buenos Aires after he found out about his mother’s heart attack. When he landed she was already in the operating room for the failed attempt at stent surgery. Since then Adrian has become her primary caretaker, guardian, and main point of contact for everything medical and legal. For the past several days, he has pretty much moved into the hospital and spends the nights with his mother looking after her every need. He spends days meeting with lawyers, administrators, and anyone who can have influence on the legal case.

Adrian won’t be able to return to Miami for perhaps another month. He has already been forced to pass extremely large costs onto our credit cards to guarantee his mom’s healthcare and surgery. We are facing unknown costs for her post-surgery care and rehab. As an hourly employee, Adrian is also facing a huge loss of income with all the time away from his job.

Adrian will be an essential part of his mother’s recovery once she returns home. She will need 24/7 assistance and Adrian will be with her no matter what. The only thing that Adrian is thinking of right now is Monday morning, and a successful surgery.

A lot of our friends have reached out to ask what they can do, how they can help. I have created this fund to help Adrian's mother and our family during this time of great need. I ask anyone who has been touched by Adrian’s presence to help.

Even if you can't contribute, please share this campaign to help us spread the word. And if you pray, please include my mother-in-law in your prayers. Many friends have asked for Adrian's mom’s name, to include her in your prayers: Alicia Raquel Nemerovsky.

With love and gratitude,
Dennis, Adrian, and Alicia


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