Saturday, August 21, 2021

Tarot Case Study: Love + Relationships

QUESTION FROM A CLIENT: "I’m struggling in my relationship and would like insight on how to proceed. To end the relationship or if it’s salvageable."

CARDS: Three cards: Six of Swords (reversed), Two of Swords, and Three of Wands (reversed).

MY INTERPRETATION: “This relationship has been full of conflict, and even though it felt for a while like things were turning around and moving in a positive direction, lately it feels like a regression. You stand right now at a decision point, a turning point, holding one sword towards the past and one sword towards the future. But you're feeling confused and indecisive, and not seeing the situation clearly. Your heart is obscuring your mind’s clarity, and vice versa. The indications for the future of this relationship are not great, but deep inside you know that already. Listen to your intuition. You've been staying because of your fear of being alone, or your fear that if you give up this relationship you might regret it afterwards. Plans and relationships don't always work out, even with the best of intentions, and it's detrimental for you to stay in a relationship that isn't nourishing you and bringing out your better qualities. At a minimum, if you decide to stay in the relationship, you need to find a way of changing your expectations so that the relationship isn't an ongoing source of disappointment for you. Disappointment is meant to be a transitional experience, not the place where we live.”

CLIENT RESPONSE: “I am absolutely amazed by this reading Hunter! It’s very spot on. Thank you, this will help me immensely to process where to go from here. 🙏”

DECK: Golden Thread Tarot from Labyrinthos.

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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Tarot Card of the Week: Six of Wands


AUGUST 14, 2021


The Six of Wands shows your visions brought to life, your projects and ideas coming to fruition, and the resolution of inner and outer conflicts that have previously hindered your progress. It's the bringer of recognition, validation, and success. The title of the card is Victory.

But it can also serve as a warning. Is your victory a Pyrrhic one? At what cost was victory gained, and was it worth it? 

The astrological symbols on this card depict Jupiter in Leo, and as it happens we are in Leo season. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth, so the Leo qualities here (both positive and negative) are inflated and amplified. Leos crave compliments and validation, and have a hard time accepting criticism of any kind. Whether or not you're a Leo, it feels NICE to be recognized, to receive praise and validation for your good qualities and your accomplishments. But sometimes a craving for external validation masks an inner lack of confidence. Are you depending on other people's recognition or on public praise to prop up your own self-esteem? Are you trying too hard to prove something?

Through an arcane astrological formula, each card in the Thoth Tarot deck rules a particular time period in the Gregorian calendar year. The Six of Wands rules the period of August 2 to August 11, which happens to be earlier this week and the previous week.

Reflect back on the past two weeks. Have you noticed the escalation in people fighting to assert their points of view and claim petty rhetorical victories over strangers? Have you been participating in this?

On the other hand, we are approaching the second of TWO back to back full moons in Aquarius in the coming week. This is a time for intense personal transformation and growth. A time to release stagnant, dysfunctional behavior patterns and self-limiting beliefs. What would victory look like for you on the most personal level, independent of anyone else's recognition or approval?

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Tarot Card of the Week: The Chariot


AUGUST 7, 2021


The Chariot in Tarot decks often symbolizes forward momentum, determination, and a strong sense of purpose. In the Thoth deck, the charioteer in his suit of golden armor is pulled forward by four mythic winged beasts, and he carries in his hands the Holy Grail. A chariot only rolls in one direction (forward) and there's a feeling in this card of being on an unstoppable mission.

A detail that has not been described in any written texts I've seen is the fact that the knight is seated with his legs crossed comfortably beneath him. His entire posture, in fact — even the way he rests the Holy Grail in his open palms — resembles a monk seated in meditation.

Another unremarked detail is that the four mythic beasts are not charging forward and pulling the chariot behind them. They too are seated, as if in contemplation, awaiting the knight's command to spring into action. The knight seems locked in meditation on the task that is before him, preparing himself internally for the road ahead.

I'm also feeling some strong "reverse" energy from this card, at this time, which complicates the picture. Some of us are feeling clouded, unmotivated, distracted, disconnected from our divinely inspired purpose. Others among us are caught up in narrow-mindedness and fixation, seeing things only how we want to see them. In either case, a heavy-handed, overly serious energy clouds our capacity to feel joy in living.

Spend some time, like the knight, getting clear about your purpose and what you want to accomplish.

Ask yourself if there are places where you are being stubborn or closed-minded. You can't see all the options in front of you when have tunnel vision. 

If you're feeling stuck and unmotivated, consider how your seemingly small role in the grand scheme of life is actually a necessary and integral part of the divine order of things. Also recall that life is short. The more time you sit spinning wheels in your mind, the less time you will have for accomplishing your vision.

You are here on earth for a reason. What is it? And what are you waiting for?


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Thursday, August 5, 2021

The Uncanny Accuracy of Tarot Readings

Sometimes people ask very specific questions in Tarot readings and get very specific answers.

Example: a woman in Europe asked: "How will it go with the man I feel a very strong soul connection with but who totally pulled back? And how does he really feel?"

I drew three cards for her, in a Past-Present-Future layout. Three of Pentacles, Nine of Swords, and The Star. Here is the intuitive reading of the cards I offered:

"There has been a third person involved that you don't know about, or didn't know about previously. Someone from his past. A lingering entanglement that still weighs on him.

He's also very focused on his career and juggling work obligations, and isn't really thinking much about love and relationships at present. He's not ready to get serious with anyone. He *thinks* he is, and he makes attempts to attract love energy — but he isn't ready to fully reciprocate.

There's a fresh start ahead for you. But you will only be able to stand in your own power and healing after you let go of a situation that isn't working anymore. You have all that you need to experience fulfillment, contentment, and peace within yourself. That doesn't come from a man, or from anywhere outside. It's an inside job."

The client confirmed after I offered this interpretation that there has, in fact, been another woman, someone she didn't know about when she got involved with the man.