The Four Reminders: A Simple Buddhist Guide to Living and Dying Without Regret

Hundreds of years ago, Tibetans distilled the Buddha’s essential teachings into a set of four simple principles known as the Four Reminders. These reminders teach us to fully appreciate our lives, always remember our mortality, understand that we create our own reality, and do all we can to make our lives meaningful. Jolting us out of our habit of sleepwalking through life, the Four Reminders show us the urgency of awakening spiritually and living with meaning and purpose, here and now.

The Four Reminders are as sharp and compelling today as they were centuries ago. But they have been shrouded behind centuries of Tibetan Buddhist cultural and religious tradition—until now.

In this first-of-its-kind book, Dennis Hunter reinterprets the Four Reminders, making their ancient wisdom fully relevant to life in the 21st century. With this plain-speak guide, anyone—from any spiritual tradition—can use the Four Reminders as a compass that points towards awakening.

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You Are Buddha: A Guide to Becoming What You Are

We are all looking for greater meaning and wisdom in our lives. The problem is that we search for these things outside ourselves. The most profound teachings of the Buddha say that the wisdom we search for does not come from outside. It is already within us; it is our very nature. The spiritual path is simply a way of helping us uncover and manifest the wisdom we already have.

Filled with personal stories, guided meditations, and more, You Are Buddha offers a practical guide to learning meditation, working with thoughts and emotions, becoming more deeply embodied, understanding the nature of mind, developing ethical conduct, and becoming an authentically mature, awakened human being.

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