Friday, May 22, 2015

Enjoy the Silence

Do you ever get tired of the sound 
of your own voice in your head? 
Squawking endlessly like a sports commentator 
on everything that arises in your experience, 
an endless torrent of judgments, comparisons and projections. 

Do you grow weary of your own restlessness, 
always fidgeting away from the present moment? 
Pride and regret about the the past,
hope and fear about the future.
Is it painful, this constant struggle to “be someone?”

The remedy is not that complicated, and
I say this to you with tremendous love:
Sit still and shut up.

Drop all the interference. Stop squawking. 
Stop fidgeting. Give up control. Right now.
Let the breath and everything else happen on its own.
Stop manipulating your experience in any way.
No effort. Only witness what is happening now.

In this very moment, offer yourself that great kindness.
Allow yourself to experience the gift of simple presence.
Free from commentary. Free from agenda.
Free from the compulsive need to be someone.

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